Un Sibò ancien Café Vaudois à Echichens

Massimiliano Siboni and his team. ©Hermann

Massimiliano’s ambition is for others to discover the “authentic and popular” cuisine that he learned from his grandmother and means to much to him.
He brings 33 years of professional experience. As master chef and pastry chef, he managed establishments in Italy, Ticino and Belgium. “Living in Switzerland since 7 years, I was looking for a place I really liked. When I met Barbara, there was an instant connection with this cafe, which has a good set-up, is situated in a beautiful village and benefits from an ideal location.”

Journal of Morges – 14/10/2016

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Restaurant – Pizzeria

Banquet room – Shaded terrace
Open Tuesday to Saturday

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00-14:00 ; 18:00-22:00
Sunday-Monday : Closed

Address: SibÒ Ristorante – Route du Village 40 1112 Echichens


Fresh Pasta

Our pasta is made in front of you and you simply need to choose which one you will enjoy.


In the pure Italian tradition.

Regional Cuisine

A traditional and regional cuisine, simple and flavorful, just like at home.

Our Fish

Each region of Italy has its fish specialities.


It’s the history of Italy itself.

Who are we?

My name is Massimiliano Siboni and I was born in the Emilia Romagna region in Italy.

When I was little, I often spent Sundays at my grandmother’s preparing “the pasta”. I still remember the texture of the fresh dough under my fingers, the smell of the sauce simmering and the voice of my grandmother.

This simple ritual marked my childhood memories and from which grew a vocation. The flavors and colors of the Italian cuisine are deeply rooted in me and it is my greatest pleasure to share them with you.

This is why, together with my team, I imagined to create this place dedicated to the culinary art of Italy.

Every month, in addition to the traditional menu, a special menu will be suggested to let you discover the traditional cuisine of a region. Pizzas are prepared by a real pizzaoili and the pasta is handmade before you, just like my grandmother used to do. Our products are selected with care and the majority come directly from Italy.


Above all, the Italian cuisine is for me a way of life, so… buon appetito!

SibÒ Ristorante

Pasta made before you by a real Sfoglino

A journey through regional culinary traditions

Desserts made by an Italian pastry chef

Homemade bread and pizza